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Rele Los Angeles Inaugural Exhibition

Rele Gallery, one of Africa’s foremost galleries of contemporary art based in Lagos Nigeria is coming to Los Angeles.

Founded by Adenrele Sonariwo in Lagos in 2015 Rele Gallery has specialized in representing a roster of established and emerging Nigerian artists whose work speaks to themes surrounding critical issues in today’s society.

The galleries inaugural group exhibition, Orita Meta – Crossroads, features the work of three contemporary Nigerian artists, Marcellina Akpojotor, Tonia Nneji, and Chidinma Nnoli, whose work collectively explores the intersecting dialogues between gender, femininity and desire for self-authorship against the hegemonic forces at play in both Nigerian and international society.

The artists in Orita Meta explore universal themes of gender, family, and empowerment from a Nigerian perspective. Working predominantly with oil paints, Chidinma Nnoli’s work confronts socially entrenched structures of patriarchal power and misogyny as enforced by the state, familial relationships and religious organizations.

Known for her use of bold colors and intricate patterns, Tonia Nneji, drapes her female figures in brightly colored and patterned fabrics, creating images of female communion and solidarity. Meanwhile, Akpojotor actually incorporates pieces of Ankara fabric to build up her richly textured and intricately layered work with compelling visual imagery exploring femininity, personal and societal identity and issues surrounding women empowerment in the contemporary society.

Rele Gallery 8215 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 for the time being, by appointment only to accommodate social distancing measures


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