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Flamenco Intimo returns to LA

After successful performances of “Falla & Flamenco” with the Los Angeles Philharmonic in 2015 and 2019, Siudy Garrido Flamenco Company returns to California with multiple dates this June to perform their enthralling Flamenco Intimo. Dates include June 3 at Los Angeles’ Wilshire Ebell Theatre, June 4 at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, and June 5 at Blue Shield of California Theater at YBCA in San Francisco.

Known for her collaborations with Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, as well as Flamenco stars Farruquito and Antonio Canales, award-winning dancer and creative innovator Siudy Garrido delivers her latest masterpiece in the form of Flamenco Intimo, her contemporary vision of Flamenco dance. Offering majestic and vivid performances made even more spectacular with stunning costumes, the flamenco suite showcases brilliant original music by award-winning guitarist Jose Luis de la Paz in addition to compelling choreography and flamenco solos by the company and Siudy Garrido herself. A total of 11 artists will take the stage during each of these three sensational nights.

The renowned flamenco dancer, choreographer, and artistic director, Siudy Garrido, began her career on stage at the tender age of 5 in her native country of Venezuela. She is the daughter of the celebrated dancer and instructor Siudy Quintero, who was awarded by the King of Spain for expanding the art of Flamenco beyond its border. Following the footsteps of her mother and seizing the responsibility of her lineage, she had dedicated her life to the globalization of the art of flamenco exploring new concepts of dance where her studies in classical, contemporary and jazz were infused with her flamenco origins, swirling traditional and contemporary techniques into a brand of flamenco that’s notable her own and creating a universe filled with rich movement and rhythm.

All those in attendance are sure to find themselves wholly captivated by Flamenco Intimo as the Siudy Garrido Flamenco Company presents extraordinary, emotion-fueled interpretations of song and dance while exploring a colorful range of traditional flamenco styles, such as Guajiras, Seguirillas, Alegrias, and Solea.

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