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Francisco's Fresh Paintings

You’ve heard the old trope, “when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade”, well artist Francisco Palomares has followed that advice, turning a fruit peddler’s cart into Francisco’s Fresh Paintings art gallery complete with a colorful patio umbrella, piñata’s, and orange cuties boxes holding paintings of watermelon, bananas, sunflowers.

Dressed in custom made denim apron and hat, Francisco sets up on the corner of 3rd and Traction in the Arts District on Saturday’s from 2pm until dusk, creating fine art oil paintings that are beautiful, picturesque and sell for $49.99

More than the unique idea painting on the street and selling art from a fruit cart, Francisco’s Fresh Painting is a public art installation piece where people can connect directly with the artist as he works, and leave with an affordable piece of original art often with the paint still wet.

Palomares converted fruit cart may be a natural outgrowth from his upbringing in BoyleHeights where immigrants selling food from push carts is part of the daily scenery. These people didn’t see themselves as entrepreneurs; they just needed to work, just as Francisco needed not only to work, but to create art.

Polomares’s more extensive works include still lives, landscapes, and portraits that sell for thousands of dollars but when the pandemic closed galleries, the artist used his creative ingenuity to create something fun and special in downtown Los Angeles.


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