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Men and style at Fahey/Klein Gallery

Male Edition: The Art of Men’s Style at the Fahey/Klein Gallery takes the viewers on a tour through the ways personal style has been employed in the expression of self-identity spanning the period from the early 20th Century through the 21st Century. The exhibition showcases and celebrates the evolution of men’s style through the iconic lens of some of photography’s most notable artists reveling in images of rakish style, eccentric taste, and the flamboyance of making a statement through fashion.

The rise of the “modern man” rose in the early 20th Century and The Jazz Age. Icons like Jazz musician, Dexter Gordon, who combined dapper fashion with musical prowess, embodied the spirit of the time. The rebellious attitude of the 1950’s gave way to the greaser subculture. Figures like James Dean, with his relaxed posture and confident gaze became a symbol of rebellion and effortless cool. “Hippie with ‘Love’ Hat, Haight Ashbury, San Francisco” is a glimpse into the evolution in style of the 60’s counter culture. The 1970’s and 1980’s punk movement injected a fierce and rebellious energy into the mood of the time. Billy Idol, with his leather jacket adorned with pins and spikes became a symbol of nonconformity and individuality. Fast-forward to the present day, we find touch stones of style borrowed and repurposed from the past to embrace and define unique idiosyncrasies, regardless of gender identity.

June 15 to Aug. 5


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