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Nasa/Hubble Traveling Exhibit At Mount Wilson Museum

Come see images and data taken by Hubble of planets, galaxies, regions around black holes and many other fascinating cosmic entitles that have captivated the minds of scientists for centuries!

The Exhibit is a 2,200-square-foot exhibit that immerses visitors in the magnificence and mystery of the Hubble mission and introduces the James Webb Space Telescope. The exhibit features a scale model of the Hubble Space Telescope as well as several “satellite” units that not only provide viewers with a hands-on experience with the same technology that allows Hubble to gaze at distant galaxies, but also feature Hubble's contributions to the exploration of planets, stars, galaxies and the universe. Exhibit viewers will learn of the various instruments aboard the telescope and the role that each of them plays in providing exciting new images and discoveries. Observers will also get a glimpse into the various hurdles that Hubble has faced in its career and the role that astronauts have played in repairing and servicing the satellite.

The Hubble Space Telescope’s traveling exhibit is divided into eight fascinating sections. Each one highlights a different aspect of the Hubble Space Telescope, whether it is the satellite itself, one of its many discoveries, or what the future may hold. The stations include an introduction panel that welcomes viewers and briefs them on Hubble, a tunnel that highlights some of Hubble’s best images, a station on the spacecraft’s equipment and servicing missions, a 3D "science on a sphere" display, and various exhibits highlighting Hubble’s contributions to the study of planets, stars, galaxies and the universe. Also featured is an exhibit on the James Webb Space Telescope and what to look forward to from space telescopes in the future.

The 1:15 model of the Hubble Space Telescope is the central focus of the traveling exhibit, and gives the observer a visual representation of the telescope as it is in space. The ring surrounding the model provides insight into the size, operations and capabilities of the Hubble telescope, while the rear of the station provides a three-step explanation of why Hubble is above the atmosphere and what makes it different from ground observatories. Viewers of the exhibit learn how the space telescope manipulates light captured by its mirrors in order to obtain images of distant stars and galaxies, as well as the events leading up to the launch of the telescope.

Perfect for visitors of any age, this exhibit will be open 10am to 5pm daily from May 7 through September 4, 2022.

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