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Pinocchio: A Real Boy

A Real Boy: The Many Lives of Pinocchio at the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles explores the cultural origins, interpretations, and enduring appeal of one of the most popular characters in children’s literature. Written in 1883 by by Italian writer Carlo Collod of Florence, Tuscany. Pinocchio is a fictional character and the protagonist of the children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio. The puppet is known for having a short nose that becomes longer when he is under stress and especially while lying. Collodi describes him as a "rascal," "imp," "disgrace," "ragamuffin," with even his father, carpenter Geppetto, referring to him as a "wretched boy." The book has delighted readers for generations. And has been translated into over 260 languages—a number exceeded only by the Bible. This original exhibition explores Collodi's work and its subsequent adaptations as well as Pinocchio’s status as a cultural icon. The exhibition, designed to engage visitors of all ages, is a journey into the many incarnations of a beloved character who has left an indisputable mark on our collective imagination. Among the items on view is a first edition of The Adventures of Pinocchio, one of only six copies that remain in the world. The exhibit also explores Pinocchio as a muse in the arts and popular culture. Rare toys, costumes, and animation cels are featured along with dozens of items inspired by the naughty puppet turned real boy


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