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Ravi Coltrane at the Broad Stage

Saxophonist and composer Ravi Coltrane will explore the music of his legendary parents John and Alice Coltrane on Friday September 23, at the Eli and Broad Stage at the Santa Monice Performing Arts Center.

Cosmic Music: A Contemporary Exploration of the Music of John and Alice Coltrane will take a contemporary dive into the groundbreaking and pioneering work of the Coltrane’s. This performance will mark Coltrane’s Broad Stage debut on the occasion of his father’s birthday, furthering his family legacy with fresh interpretations of classic works.

Ravi will be joined by Brandee Younger, Harp; Gadi Lehavi, Keyboards and Piano; Rashaan Carter, Bass; and ellle Howell Drums for this historic one night concert.

Born in Long Island, the second son of John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane, Ravi was named after Indian sitar legend Ravi Shankar. He was raised in Los Angeles where his family moved after his father’s death in 1967. His mother, Alice Coltrane, was a significant influence on Ravi and it was he who encouraged Alice to return to performance and the recording studio after a long absence. Subsequently, Ravi produced and played on Alice Coltrane’s powerful Translinear Light, which was released in 2004

Tickets starting at $60 are available at or by calling 310.434.3200, or visiting the box office at 1310 11th St. Santa Monica CA 90401, beginning two hours prior to performance. The Jazz & Blues Sponsors are Richard and Lisa Kendall.


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