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RobotiX at Building Bridges Art Exchange features the work of Argentinean artist, Cristian Castro, highlighting the synergies between art, technology, and robots. Castro’s work is a feat of engineering and creativity, repurposing discarded vintage household appliances and old mechanical tools and incorporating them into his robotic works.

Embedded in the ergonomic curvature of the robot’s metal parts, Castro points to the neglected virtues of technology: simplistic beauty, object provenance, and the process of invention.

Castro gravitates towards found objects because of their history, giving found pieces with deep history and old technologies new life. They have a past purpose and experience. His fascination with the provenance of these found objects informs his desire to give them a transformed existence and extend their life. A rebirth of discarded items energizes these artworks with a vibrancy of a newfound purpose. In his creative process, Castro looks to the cosmos as a source of inspiration. As a playground for modern invention, the mysteries of the outer limits of our universe drive the artist to contemplate new dialogues around the function of technology and our search for aesthetic satisfaction in our daily lives.

The artist highlights function and form, removing these objects from their original functional purpose and re-contextualizes them into a pure appreciation of form. By shedding their utilitarian expectations, these robots’ aesthetic value becomes elevated to an idiosyncratic nature, bridging the gap between technology and art.


Bergamot Santa Monica, 2525 Michigan Ave. F2, Santa Monica, CA 90404


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