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Small Island Big Song

Hear the voices who sing for the ocean! Small Island Big Song, a live music and multimedia concert championing environmental awareness and cultural preservation will be presented by Grand Vision Foundation on April 27 at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, CA.

Framed in a theatrical narrative, combining oceanic grooves, soulful island ballads, spoken word, and films of the artist’s homelands, the concert will feature performances by Putad (Amis tribe of Taiwan), Selina Leem (Marshall Islands), Richard Mogu (Magi tribe of Papua New Guinea), Sammy (Merina tribe of Madagascar), and Emlyn, Kan, Kokol, all from Mauritius.

These indigenous artists from islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans unite our coastal community with their seafaring cultures through music. This concert is a joyous presentation of our mutual love of the ocean while raising awareness about rising sea levels. Don’t miss out on a night of uplifting traditional and contemporary oceanic sounds and rhythms.

The Small Island Big Song concert is part of a larger multi-platform project—that includes a documentary film and several full-length albums—uniting indigenous musicians who share an ancient seafaring ancestry across the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Composed, recorded and filmed with the artists, in the languages and with the instruments of the artists’ homelands, Taiwanese producer BaoBao Chen and Australian music producer and filmmaker Tim Cole have created an epic contemporary and relevant musical statement from a region at the frontline of global cultural and environmental challenge

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