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Summer evening at The Ford with Boleros De Noche

Gaby Moreno

What could be better than a beautiful summer evening at the intimate and bucolic John Anson Amphitheatre listening classic Boleros music? Captivating audiences for the past five years, the 5th annual concert series Bolero De Noche returns to the Ford for an evening that highlights Mexico’s golden era of Boleros.

Gaby Moreno crafts expertly written songs in genres from blues, jazz, soul, and R&B all sung in four different languages. Her critically acclaimed album ¡Spangled! brought her together with legendary musician and arranger Van Dyke Parks to celebrate the migration of songs, like the bolero, across the Americas, and she offers her soulful voice to singing classic boleros at The Ford. Local favorite trio Tres Souls, led by vocalist Rocio Libertad, will open the night singing classics like “Sabor A Mi,” “Piel Canela,” “Historia De Un Amor,” and more.

Tres Souls, comprised of members Roberto Carlos, Jesús Martínez, and Rocio Mendoza, represent a revival of trío romántico music. They relive the vintage sounds and songs of the 1940s -1960s bolero style that was popularized during the Golden Era of Mexican Cinema. Tres Souls create a festive and nostalgic celebration and offer their own unique interpretation of this timeless sound, interspersed with bilingual renditions, bridging the borders between their past and present.

Trio romántico bolero music features the guitar, the complex instrumentation of a requinto (a smaller guitar typically tuned a fifth higher than a standard guitar), romantic lyrics and lush harmonies. It is considered by many to be the most romantic music genre of Latin America. The genre originated in Cuba in 1883 but gained international notoriety once the music reached Mexico in the 1940s.

Boleros De Noche is a musical and cultural experience, launched by Los Angeles cultural promoter Roberto Carlos, that seeks to preserve, uplift, and celebrate Latin American bolero music history in Los Angeles, and is quickly garnering multi-generational audiences who enjoy and partake in this musical experience. Now in its fifth year, the series is curated by its founder Roberto Carlos, a young Los Angeles-based artist/culture promoter who has committed his musical journey to bolero music and its traditions.

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