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Innovative Opera Theater Stream

Overton Industries, the multifaceted opera-theater company known for authentic storytelling, is excited to announce the maiden voyage of Original Vision, its new developmental workshop series of innovative works by diverse librettist/composer teams. The inaugural offering will introduce three powerful pieces that address imposed identity, racism, the untamed nature of women, and inner freedom.

The series will consist of three moving short films as epic 15-minute “first look” scenes with themes as diverse as hysterics, birdsong, and pancakes. In “Azure’s Hands” by Livia Reiner and Lily Min Ren, the lead must explore thehistory and specters that reside in her subconscious to find freedom. “Hysteria” by Molly Peae and Divya Maus boldly depicts how a set of heroines discover the external root cause of their motley emotions. Concluding the evening is “United Aunt Jemima Opera” by Jason V. Barabba and June Carryl, a historical take on the Mammy figure and its dehumanizing effect.

Enjoy this unique evening of opera-theater at home on Saturday May 29 via YouTube from 7:00pm to 8:00pm PDT. Tickets are available on a donation basis, starting at $10. For a $100 sponsorship donation, a VIP ticket will include a post-show meet-and-greet with the artists via Zoom.

For tickets and information please visit: Original Vision - Overtone Industries


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